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Who are Captain's Choice

Welcome to the world of Captain’s Choice – creators of the world’s most life enriching journeys, saved only for a select few. With over 20 years experience, our hand-crafted itineraries chart a course through a unique combination of destinations. Sometimes through popular European countries. Other times, to remote corners of the planet, like Iran, Madagascar or Greenland. Using every mode of travel, from private jets to small expedition ships, we capture the spirit of a place through meaningful experiences available only to our guests.

Where can we take you?

Travel Without Hassles

Everything is included – international flights to and from Australia,  luxurious accommodation, all dining and drinks, travel insurance and every sightseeing trip including Your World experiences. Yes, even taxes and transfers.

Our Luggage Valet service is also included – we treat your luggage as preciously as we would our own. Simply pack your bags (or ask your butler to pack them for you) and leave them in your suite. We pick them up and make sure that they arrive safely at your next hotel. We also provide home-to-airport-to home transfers. And just in case, a doctor travels with us too.


Hand-picked for their ability to anticipate what you need before you need it, Captain’s Choice World Hosts are the ultimate travel companions. For a lively chat. For their local knowledge. For recognising when you want to linger a moment longer.

Your World Hosts are made up of a Tour Manager, a doctor, and often Tour Hosts, who will accompany you from the moment you leave until your return home. English-speaking local guides join you in each destination to show you their world, and experience it through their eyes.

Choose Your World

We have crafted an exclusive collection of included experiences that are unique to every Captain’s Choice journey. We like to call them Your World. From a helicopter flight over smouldering Mt Etna to an afternoon spent horseback riding through the Mongolian countryside, it’s your invitation to take part in rare and amazing events of which other travellers could only ever dare dream.


It goes without saying that so much of your travel experience  is about where you sleep and what you eat. Captain’s Choice has chosen only the very best purveyors of hospitality each destination has to offer.

Our residences are benchmarks of luxury, usually in a central location, and more often than not, have a history to tell. 

Every meal is a chance to discover something new, and to connect with the culture through taste. You’ll dine among locals, where the ambience, as much as the flavours, make the evening. On special evenings, you can expect gala dinners at spectacular locations - exclusively for us.


Take a Little, Give a Lot

The more of the world we see, the more we meet those who deserve support for the community projects they lead. By hiring local guides in each destination, we ensure that travellers’ dollars are directly funnelled back into the community. And by working with Rotary International, we are able to help projects most in need. Together with donations from travellers like you, we have given over $3 million to health, hunger, humanity and educational projects including Ethiopia’s Hamlin Fistula Hospital, The Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka and building numerous schools and classrooms across Cambodia, Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya.

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