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  • Lose yourself in the streets of Iceland’s capital, with three nights to enjoy the charms of Reykjavik
  • Partake in a picnic lunch in most unusual setting, within the cone of Iceland’s Thrihnukagigur volcano
  • Charge through the birch forests and meadows alongside gigantic gorges on a Super Jeep tour of Thorsmork glacier valley
  • Watch Iceland’s great waterfalls tumble into the earth - Hraunfossar, Barnafoss and Gulfoss to name a few
  • Like the Vikings of old, we sail from Iceland to Greenland’s east coast aboard Silver Cloud
  • Discover the cultures of remote villages and towns along the southern coast of Greenland
  • Under the light of the midnight sun, take an evening cruise into Ilulissat’s deep icefjords, with active glaciers and spectacular icebergs
  • Sail among the floating icebergs of Egi Sermia Glacier then fly over the area in a helicopter
Zodiac, Silversea

The whole trip was a wonderful adventure, and we really appreciate the time and effort gone into the planning and execution of everything! It was the trip of a lifetime – thanks to everyone involved!

J & J Simon, The Silk Road by Private Train

Where we visit

Please note: on this expedition cruise, all landings will require guests to board the ship’s Zodiacs, subject to weather conditions. Due to the spontaneous nature of a Silversea Expeditions cruise with Captain’s Choice, this itinerary should be considered a guide only. This tour requires a moderate degree of physical fitness.

Arctic Circle Silversea Cruise Map

Full Itinerary

Depart Australia

Day 1: Tuesday 31 July

This evening we take to the skies with Emirates bound for Reykjavik via Copenhagen. It’s not long before we’ll be standing between sand and glacier, fire and ice along the shores of the far north.

Arrive Reykjavik (Iceland)

Day 2: Wednesday 1 August

After a long flight, be whisked to Reykjavik Hotel Borg. Our home for the next two nights enjoys an unrivalled location, adjacent to the beautiful square of Austurvollur
and the national parliament buildings of Iceland. We find a plethora of attractions a short stroll away.

This evening, we sit down to dinner at the restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel. It has long been a favourite haunt for Iceland’s rich and famous. Modern Icelandic flavours created by award-winning chef and co-owner, Volundur Volundarson, tantalise our palates. Think fresh Arctic char, plucked from the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Tender lamb, raised on the greenest of pastures. And succulent langoustine.

Reykjavik Church, Iceland


Day 3: Thursday 2 August

Chocolate box buildings huddled on sterling seas. We spend the morning exploring the city. After perusing The National Museum of Iceland, we view the lofty concrete tower of Hallgrimskirkja church on a private visit and head behind the scenes at the Harpa concert hall.

This afternoon, take to the city at your own pace. Or perhaps choose from two Your World experiences.

  • Head for waters once churned by Viking oarsmen on a thrilling deep sea fishing trip. Here, haddock, Atlantic wolfish and Atlantic cod are abundant.
  • Meet an Icelandic bladesmith who carries on his ancestor’s Viking tradition. With an artistic hand, knives are decorated to evoke the emotions of the native surrounds.

From farm to fork, local seasonal ingredients shine during our dinner at Grillmarket tonight. Produce is sourced from nearby farms and prepared using traditional Icelandic techniques including open fire, smoke and hot coals. 

Blafjoll, Thrihnukagigur, Hella

Day 4: Friday 3 August

Nose pressed to window, we ascend Blafjoll mountain and hike through dusty moonscapes to Thrihnukagigur, ‘Three Peaks Crater’, where a Your World experience awaits.

  • Dormant for over 4,000 years, we find the volcano’s beauty lies within its multi-coloured cone. Savour the surroundings below its surface over a picnic lunch.

We stop at Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station before arriving at Hotel Ranga. Four four nights, we stay in log-cabin-style quarters within the wilds of south Iceland. 

Thorsmork, Iceland


Day 5: Saturday 4 August

At Thorsmork, the spectacular mountain ridge named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor, we join a Your World experience.

  • Aboard Super Jeeps, we explore birch forests and flower-filled meadows clinging to yawning gorges. Three silvery glaciers loom in the distance. For lunch, we fire up the barbecue amidst the frosty mountain peaks. 

Eyjafjallajokull, Reynisfjara

Day 6: Sunday 5 August

Glorious scenery transpires as we head further along the south coast. Pass Solheimajokull and Myrdalsjokull glaciers on the way to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Sustenance between the sights is enjoyed at Restaurant Gamla Fjosid, before visiting the Skogar Museum. Tread the black sand beaches along the shores of Reynisfjara. View the puffins, fulmars and guillemots and basalt sea stacks.

Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss

Day 7: Monday 6 August

Once home to the Viking’s first parliament, Thingvellir National Park is now a World Heritage-listed region. Here, we explore the natural wonder of Almannagja gorge.

We tour the greenhouses at Fridheimar Farm before continuing to the region’s geothermal pools and geysers. Watch Strokkur erupt in a flurry of mist and journey to Gullfoss, a famous Icelandic waterfall tinged milky green in colour.

Gullfross Waterfall, Iceland

Deildartunguhver, Barnafoss, langjokull, Reykjavik

Day 8: Tuesday 7 August

At Deildartunguhver hot springs, steam spirals up towards the heavens against a backdrop of rugged peaks. The day takes us to two of the country’s most famous waterfalls, Hraunfossar and Barnafoss. Nearby, board eight-wheel trucks to travel along the ice cap of Langjokull glacier.

Back in Reykjavik we enjoy a genuine Icelandic culinary experience. Dinner is served at Thrir Frakkar.


Day 9: Wednesday 8 August

Explore Reykjavik. Or, embark on a Your World experience.

  • Admire landscapes rich with lava, craters and mountains. Ride an Icelandic horse and experience the tolt, a unique gait.
  • Relax in the Blue Lagoon’s aquamarine waters and spa.

Embark Silver Cloud and meet the Expedition Team.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

At Sea

Day 10: Thursday 9 August

Crossing the Denmark Strait today, we skirt the border of the Arctic Circle. Tonight, we attend a cocktail party on board.

Skjoldungen (Greenland)

Day 11: Friday 10 August

We arrive at Skjoldungen island and observe the Thrym Glacier. From here, we will have our first Zodiac cruise along the base gaining a unique, close-up perspective.

Prince Christian Sound, Aappilattoq

Day 12: Saturday 11 August

Prince Christian Sound is one of Greenland’s most dramatic natural features. From our ship, we see waterfalls cascading down both sides and navigate between icebergs.

Step ashore at the small settlement of Aappilattoq. Walk through the village and climb a hill for views of the surrounding mountains.

Nanortalik, Uunartoq Qeqertaq

Day 13: Sunday 12 August

Visit the open-air Nanortalik Museum and uncover the region’s history. Inuit in traditional clothing will teach us their ancestor’s ancient customs and lifestyle. Traditional coffee and cake are enjoyed after.

Anchoring at the island of Uunartoq Qeqertaq in the afternoon, we relax and ease into the steaming waters of hot springs renowned for their age-old healing effects.

Qaqortoq, Hvalsey

Day 14: Monday 13 August

We dock in Qaqortoq in the morning. Admire hillside houses of colourful, primary shades. From the town centre we discover two churches, old and new. An open-air fish and meat market awaits, as do the Qaqortoq Museum and Greenland’s oldest fountain. 

Later, we uncover the island of Hvalsey. Churches and ruins from Viking history remain preserved in this authentic area.

Horses, Iceland


Day 15: Tuesday 14 August

Today we tour abundant Norse ruins, including the foundation remains of the manor house belonging to Erik the Red, founder of Greenland. Christian churches and a recently uncovered Norse graveyard are hidden in this settlement. Also admire Hans Lynge’s bronze sculpture of Erik the Red.


Day 16: Wednesday 15 August

We make landfall after lunch and walk to Igaliku. Here we are introduced to 30 inhabitants. Proud of their rare village, our local guides take us on a private tour to Gardar, which was once the religious heart of Norse Greenland.

Fresh Fish, Cod, Iceland

At Sea

Day 17: Thursday 16 August

With a glass of Champagne and the Arctic air on deck, identify the sea birds and other creatures that follow in our wake.


Day 18: Friday 17 August

We walk through the capital of Greenland, Nuuk. See Inuit ruins and the Church of Our Saviour. At the Greenland National Museum, we glimpse the rare Qilakitsoq mummies.

Here, the sun never sets. Days are long, rolling gloriously into each other. Admire the harbour glitter under the evening sun as we sail onwards to our final port of call. 

Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat

Day 19: Saturday 18 August

Disembark Ship

Arriving in Kangerlussuaq, it feels as though we are at the edge of the world. We disembark Silver Cloud and venture further north to the ‘Town of Icebergs’, Ilulissat, on a short flight. Once known as Jackobhaven, this port town is flanked by the World Heritage-listed fjord in Disko Bay, the sea mouth repository for one of the world’s most productive glaciers.

We stay at Hotel Arctic for three nights. A warm embrace surrounded by frosty waters. Glaciers and icebergs float inches from us as we recline amid our hushed paradise.

Ilulissat, Coloured Houses, Greenland


Day 20: Sunday 19 August

Ride a tuk-tuk to experience the city. We visit Zion Church and the birthplace of explorer Knud Rasmussen. After a guided walk, meet friendly working dogs.

We enjoy dinner at Hvide Falk Restaurant before a midnight cruise amid Ilulissat Icefjord’s chiselled peaks. Listen to the echoes and cracks of ice as it shifts under the glow of the moon. 

Ilulissat, Sled Dog, Greenland


Day 21: Monday 20 August

Today, choose from two thrilling Your World adventures.

  • Sail to Egi Sermia Glacier to see the cerulean ice wall. Later, join a helicopter ride over the nation’s ice cap.   
  • Seek out the ripples of whales. Beneath the chilly depths of Disko Bay these gentle giants wait.

This evening, we admire the traditions and culture of the Inuit during a private dinner experience. 

Disko Bay, Whale, Greenland

Ilulissat, Nuuk

Day 22: Tuesday 21 August

Relax this morning, enjoying commanding views of ice floes that surround the hotel.

After lunch we fly to Nuuk and transfer to the Hotel Hans Egede. Greenland’s tiny capital and oldest settlement is nestled within a spectacular fjord system. Perhaps rug up and take a walk down to the harbour where panoramas of surrounding mountains await.,/p>

Depart Nuuk

Day 23: Wednesday 22 August

We are privileged to have witnessed pockets of the world few will ever reach. Transfer to the airport for our flight home.

Arrive Australia

Day 24: Thursday 23 August

Touch down in Australia, not as a mere traveller but as an explorer. We hope to see you again on your next Captain’s Choice adventure.

Everything has been Considered & Included

Reaching the world’s frontiers is no easy feat. And let’s face it, adventure and roughing it is so last century. That’s why all the legwork has been done for you; everything mundane sits behind the scenes. We’ve searched the seven seas for the finest expedition ships to usher you to the edges of the planet, where you’ll never have to carry a map. Or your luggage. You’ll certainly never have to find small change for tips.

Travel without the hassles

Everything is included – international flights to and from Australia, your Silversea cruise, luxurious accommodation, all dining and drinks, travel insurance and every sightseeing trip including Your World experiences. Yes, even taxes and transfers.

Our Luggage Valet service is also included. Simply pack your bags (or ask your butler to pack them for you) and leave them in your suite. We pick them up and make sure that they arrive safely at your next hotel. We also provide home-to-airport-to-home transfers. And just in case, a doctor travels with us too.

As you’d expect, Silversea expedition vessels include plenty of luxe touches beneath their tough exteriors. You’d be right in thinking the food and wine offering is pretty special. A fully stocked in-suite mini-bar, plush bed linen and a choice of mattress comes as standard. While a snug parka for polar expeditions, Wi-Fi and an included laundry service is all part of the package.

We go even further to include exclusive travel and touring arrangements prior to your cruise – and often at it's conclusion too.

With Captain’s Choice, there are no hidden costs, or optional extras. Because that would be breaking our promise of travel without the hassles.

Silversea Cruises

Your World Experiences

Making landfall in a new and exciting destination is one thing. But getting under its skin to see its true colours is something altogether different – something very few of us will ever experience. Which is why we’ve curated an exclusive collection of included experiences called Your World. It’s your invitation to take part in rare and amazing events other travellers could only ever dare dream of.

Though you may have visited a destination previously, a Your World experience is likely to surprise you with an aspect of the location you’ve never considered before.

It's not what you know

Your World Hosts are made up of a Tour Manager, Tour Hosts and a doctor, who will accompany you from the moment you leave Australia until your return home. Additionally, English-speaking local guides join you in many locations. Aboard your cruise, a dedicated Silversea Expedition Team will escort all excursions, while onboard experts give immersive talks about the regions you visit and niche topics that may spark your interest.

A place to call home

Away from your fine ship, Captain’s Choice has chosen only the very best purveyors of hospitality each destination has to offer. Residences are benchmarks of luxury, usually in a central location. More often than not, they have a history to tell. You might find yourself, on one night, in a magnificent castle turned luxury hotel, standing proudly on its own island. The next, tucked away in a private residence favoured by royals and dignitaries alike.

Local Flavours

Every meal is a chance to discover something new and delicious. When you’re not on board your ship, you’ll often be dining among locals, where the ambience, as much as the flavours, makes meals memorable. And on special nights, you can expect gala dinners at spectacular locations closed off exclusively for us. There’s not a boring meal to be found.

Silver Cloud Expedition Cruising Silversea

Where Adventure & Luxury Meet

In a class all of their own, Silversea’s purpose-built expedition ships make far-flung regions accessible. Your days sweep between two very different worlds: the refinement of your vessel, and destinations where human footprints are scarce. A strong espresso and croissant delivered to your suite before landing on a remote island. Champagne or a nip of scotch out on deck after returning from a Zodiac expedition. Unadulterated indulgences and the rush of adventure – it’s all part of life aboard a Silversea expedition cruise.

After unpacking once – or letting your butler do it for you – your suite will become a delightful haven for the duration of the voyage. And with almost one staff member to every guest, the standard of personalised service goes beyond all expectation.

Wild at Heart

You won’t just be watching coastlines through binoculars from the deck. Our ships and Zodiacs put you on that coast, smack-bang in the middle of the wilderness with an experienced Expedition Team at the helm. You’ll set out on gentle hikes, learn about the land from locals and follow wildlife along remote shores. Thanks to the flexible nature of our itineraries, we’re always at liberty to change course or linger awhile longer. And most importantly, you can always set your own pace depending on how active you’re feeling. Sightseeing opportunities are as boundless as our new horizons.

Silver Cloud

Welcome aboard the most spacious and luxurious ice-class vessel of its kind, Silver Cloud. An extensive refurbishment will see the ship move to Silversea’s expedition fleet in 2017, bound for polar waters thanks to its newly ice-strengthened hull. The multi-million dollar vision blends the raw beauty of remote destinations with luxuries you’d expect to find at the world’s greatest hotels. It now presents five gourmet dining options, expansive decks and a swimming pool. Most suites include a veranda, and all benefit from the services of a butler.

Vista Suite Silver Cloud
Vista Suite

Vista Suite

Large picture windows frame panoramic views, the perfect backdrop for breakfast in bed. Vista Suites feature a sitting area and a marbled bathroom with a shower (some with bath/shower combination).

Quest to the Arctic Circle

aboard Silver Cloud
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