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Solid ice is no match for the brave vessel as she carves her path through the icy eternity with ease. The Arctic wind pummels the tide, but you’re snug on deck in your expedition parka. The ultimate goal is in sight - at 90 degrees north you can’t get any higher. Ready to stake your claim to the very top of the world, you’re chasing the dreams of every explorer under Polaris.

  • Board the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Years of Victory
  • Go straight to the geographic top of the world, 90º North
  • See how the vessel’s twin nuclear reactors generate 75,000 horsepower and crush Arctic sea ice as thick as three metres
  • Enjoy fascinating lectures on board by the experienced expedition staff, historians, scientists, naturalists and others
  • Look for polar bears on their daily prowl, or colonies of seabirds nesting on rocky cliff sides
  • Head ashore in Zodiac landing craft at Tikhaya Bay on Hooker Island
  • Go aloft in the ship’s helicopter for an aerial tour
50 Years of Victory North Pole Cruise

50 Years of Victory

I really enjoyed the whole trip and have been recommending it to everybody. It was a good mix of different forms of travel and we saw the most interesting places.

J Fisher - Northern Spain & Portugal

Where we visit

Tour Map

Full Itinerary

Depart Australia

Day 1: Friday 23 June

Don’t forget to pack your gloves, things are about to get chilly. Set out for Singapore this afternoon with British Airways and then set forth for Helsinki with Finnair.

Arrive Helsinki (Finland)

Day 2: Saturday 24 June

Your Arctic expedition begins in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, where we begin to acclimatise – it’s an average of 17 degrees in summer, not so far removed from parts of Australia at this time of year. We have two nights to admire the contemporary art of the Klaus K Hotel, centrally located a stone's throw from Vanha Kirkkopuisto park.


Day 3: Sunday 25 June

Helsinki is a chic city of blossoming culinary culture, architectural innovation and waterside charm. There’s time to stroll around the harbour or explore the KIASMA modern art gallery and the Hvittrask museum of architecture. We reconvene later for an Arctic briefing, amping up the excitement of what’s to come, before a Welcome Dinner tonight.

Murmansk (Russia)

Day 4: Monday 26 June

You’re sure to wake up bright and early – today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Taking a short charter flight from Helsinki to Murmansk, Russia’s last frontier before the Arctic, w ready ourselves to come face to face with 50 Years of Victory.

The world’s largest nuclear powered icebreaker, this hardy workhorse has pioneered, rescued and salvaged in some of the harshest climates in the world. It’s also your reliable home for the next eleven nights. The adventure begins here as cabins, boots and expedition gear are assigned. This is really happening – there’s no turning back now – the North Pole is waiting on the horizon!

North Pole Cruise

50 Years of Victory

Barents Sea & Franz Josef Land (Passage)

Day 5-6: Tuesday 27 June - Wednesday 28 June

Warm on deck in your expedition parka after a hearty breakfast, you notice dramatic changes in the landscape over the Barents Sea. The first icebergs begin to float by as wilderness takes over. As with any great expedition, safety briefings are conducted before the fun begins. Feel the tingle of anticipation as you learn the protocol for helicopters and Zodiacs. With all formalities dismissed, why not seek out the team of experts who are always on hand for a chat around the ship. Ever wondered what a glaciologist does? Pop in on an informal discussion and you too can become an expert on the science of the ice.

Our onboard experts live and breathe these ice lands with a passion and they’re more than happy to share their knowledge with you – but be warned, their adventure spirit is highly infectious!

Helicopter Trip, North Pole Cruise

Helicopter Adventures

Polar Bear, North Pole Cruise

Search for Wildlife

Northbound through the pack ice

Day 7-8: Thursday 29 June - Friday 30 June

The ship is a sight to behold, especially from the air. Now’s your chance to catch a view of the action with the definitive adrenalin kick – a helicopter ride over the ice with a birdseye view over the ship.

Take an insightful tour of the engine room – prepare to be amazed by the roar and thunder of machinery.

The North Pole – 90° North

Day 9: Saturday 1 July

Today’s the big day. Hearts pound with anticipation as the ship is meticulously manoeuvred into position at exactly 90 degrees north. It’s an impressive spectacle as everyone on board gathers on deck, resplendent in their bright parkas with champagne poised. Cue an eruption of cheers and applause as the mission to the Geographic North Pole is completed.

We take a rosy cheeked walk on the very top of the world as the festivities move from deck to ice and the celebration gets into full swing. Prepare to lose yourself in the exhilaration of true north – past guests have been known to indulge in many zany antics to celebrate including golf, polar painting and of course the obligatory dip into the icy waters. Do you have the mettle to go for a swim?

A delicious polar BBQ will warm you up whatever you choose. Imagine how good that will taste as you’re wrapped up on the ice, toasting your success together.

North Pole Cruise

The North Pole!

Southbound through the pack ice

Day 10-11: Sunday 2 July - Monday 3 July

The main goal may have been accomplished, but the adventure is far from over. There’s still plenty of time to break the ice.

The ship’s restaurant is a great place to swap stories with fellow explorers over delicious lunches and hearty dinners, or toast your success over a warming brandy in the bar – you’re bound to find kindred spirits among this hardy bunch of pioneers.

This is your chance to bask in the glory of having conquered the very pinnacle of the world, reaching further than many great explorers could ever have dreamed of. Don’t forget to take some time away from it all as you steam your cares away in the sauna, grab a rejuvenating massage or take a relaxing dip in the ship’s pool. Keen for a work out with a view? You’ll never miss a blink of scenery as the ship’s fully equipped gym features panoramic windows! How could desolation be so beautiful?

Zodiacs, North Pole Cruise

Amazing views

Franz Josef Land

Day 12-13: Tuesday 4 July - Wednesday 5 July

Bound south, we enter a remote world of dense pack ice, towering volcanic mountains, icebergs and glaciers at Franz Josef Land. Keep your eyes peeled for seals, walrus and polar bears on the ice – it’s here where you’re most likely to encounter them. Weather permitting, we take our trusty Zodiacs to explore the hinterland, hoping to find the mysterious spherical rocks that abound on Champ Island and Cape Flora.

Want to know more about the migration of whales? Or the best places to spot polar bear cubs? Seek out the onboard team of marine biologists and conservationists who are always ready to inspire you with facts.

North Pole Cruise Expedition Team

Expert Guides offer colour & context

North Pole Cruise

Zodiac Excursions

Barents Sea

Day 14: Thursday 6 July

Tufts of green herald our arrival back into civilisation as we set our course for Murmansk. Your mission has been a success. The conquests of the last ten days may seem surreal as you imagine the failed efforts of explorers past.

Walrus, North Pole Cruise

The locals are surprisingly friendly

Murmansk – Helsinki (Finland)

Day 15: Friday 7 July

DISEMBARK 50 years of victory

We bid a fond farewell to our vessel and fly from Murmansk to Helsinki, for one last night at the Klaus K Hotel.

Depart Helsinki

Day 16: Saturday 8 July

You’re one of a privileged few people ever to have undertaken such a journey. Departing Helsinki later this afternoon via Singapore with Finnair and British Airways you can't wait to tell your epic tales to friends at home.


Day 17: Sunday 9 July

Arrive Australia

Day 18: Monday 10 July
The world feels somewhat warmer as we touch down in Australia early this morning.

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50 Years of Victory

She’s robust, square and far from ladylike, but what 50 Years of Victory lacks in beauty she makes up for in power and dedication – a hulking beast with a benevolent disposition, ready to smash through ice up to three metres thick. Her sheer immensity is an inspiration, a tribute to the spirit of pioneers, a vessel of heroic exploration ready to conquer the unconquerable as she has since 2007. Locked by ice, the path ahead looks impossible to navigate. But the huge vessel powers through. The roar and chomp as it cuts through the ice is nothing short of a triumph. You’re more than just spectators in this intrepid mission. With ice walks, expeditions by Zodiac, onboard lectures from geologists, historians and conservationists – not to mention flights over the ice in the ship’s helicopter – you’re never far from the action. Go deeper into no man’s land and stake your claim to the very pinnacle of the world...

Dining aboard 50 years of Victory - North Pole Arctic Cruise


Not normally the type of food that would be served on a Russian icebreaker, the chefs onboard will ensure we have enough delightful fuel to keep us warm.

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Quest to the North Pole

Aboard a Nuclear Powered Russian Icebreaker
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