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  • Gaze upon Wilpena Pound as the sun sets and bathes the rock formation in an illustrious gold light
  • Trek through Wilpena Pound bushland with eyes open to the rare native fauna
  • Watch the annual Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo with VIP access
  • Embark on a 4WD off road adventure to the northernmost point of mainland Australia, taking in the natural wonders
  • Explore Cooktown and the precise site where the Endeavour anchored and Captain Cook first set foot on Australian soil
  • An exclusive after hours private dinner alongside landmark aircraft at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum in Longreach
Frill Necked Lizard, Western Australia

Where we visit

Outback Australia tour by private jet

Full Itinerary

Broken Hill

Day 1: Wednesday 8 August

This morning, we board our private jet, anticipating all the icons we will soon witness. Our first destination pays homage to several that have shaped our national character. We visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre, which overflows with stories of the doctors, pilots and nurses who attend to patients in the 'largest waiting room in Australia', the seven million-square-kilometre outback. In nearby Silverton, population 50, we walk through town and stop in at the Mad Max Museum. Lunch takes place in the Silverton Hotel, famously used as a location in Mad Max 2. Back in Broken Hill, we explore that which is inextricably linked to our history - mining. The first ore deposits were taken from the Broken Hill Mine in 1883. Today, production continues. In between, the miners pioneered trade unionism and fought for humane working conditions.

Late in the afternoon, we drive to the Living Desert State Park, where twelve magnificent sandstone sculptures stand on a hilltop. We soak in the setting sun and the interplay of shadows on the sandstone blocks. We return to town where we check in to the Royal Exchange Hotel. A very exclusive Welcome Dinner will be at Pro Hart’s gallery and likely hosted by the legendary artist’s son, John.

Wilpena Pound

Day 2: Thursday 9 August

This morning feel free to return to the gallery for another glimpse or discover more of the region for yourself.

We rejoin our private jet and travel on to Port Augusta, where we board a privately-chartered Pichi Richi Railway steam train for a unique journey to Quorn. Our train travels the original Ghan route, stopping at Woolshed Flat, where we enjoy a Devonshire tea. Lunch awaits us in Quorn, after which, we drive to Wilpena Pound Resort, our residence for two nights. The full majesty of the Pound is revealed to us late in the afternoon, at a special vantage point set up just for us. With drinks in hand, we watch the low sun illuminate the sheer rock walls and cast dramatic shadows in the Pound's hollows. We then return to our resort for a gourmet dinner.

Wilpena Pound

Day 3: Friday 10 August

This morning, imagine the land as it was 500 million years ago. We board 4WD vehicles and drive through spectacular landscape described as 'the bones of nature laid bare' by the artist Sir Hans Heysen, who visited nine times. Brachina Gorge and Bunyeroo Valley's rugged walls demonstrate the violent geological forces that lifted and folded rock like it was paper. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the rare yellow-footed rock wallaby. Our expedition culminates at a hilltop with sweeping views of the valley and the eastern wall of Wilpena Pound. After lunch in our resort, spend the afternoon at leisure or choose from these Your World experiences.

  • Take a scenic flight over Wilpena Pound for a bird's eye view you will never forget.
  • Join your guide for a bush walk and discover some of the Pound's most interesting features.

We enjoy a private outback dinner at the Old Wilpena Station, which was a working sheep and cattle run for 135 years. Tonight, a gourmet barbecue is prepared for us, paired with South Australia's finest wines.

Mt Isa

Day 4: Saturday 11 August

We bid goodbye to Port Augusta and board our private jet. A delectable lunch is served on board as our plane takes us over the sweeping emptiness that characterises our country's interior. It is late afternoon when we arrive at Mount Isa, another outback town where isolation shaped its most famous icons. We first explore the School of the Air, which provides, via satellite internet, lessons to children living as far as 1,000 kilometres away. Next, we visit the Underground Hospital, built in World War II by off-duty miners, an ingenious response to the perceived threat of Japanese air raids. Late in the afternoon, we visit the City Lookout for 360-degree views of the town and its smokestacks silhouetted against the sky.

The RedEarth Hotel welcomes us for two nights. You are free to choose where to dine this evening. A favourite is Livingstone's. Chef Mark Livingstone serves modern Australian and European cuisine that is honest yet sophisticated.

Mt Isa

Day 5: Sunday 12 August

We head underground this morning on the Hard Times Mine Tour, a wholly immersive experience with a guide who has worked as a miner for most of his life. You'll even have the chance to use an air-leg drill and feel the earth rumble. We then visit the World Heritage-listed Riversleigh Fossil Centre, one of the most abundant fossil fields in the world. Unique among others, the fossils here have not been compressed, and therefore retain their three-dimensional structure. Here, you'll see terrifying creatures like the Balbaroo fangaroo, a kangaroo with wolf's teeth and the Baru darrowi, a five-metre long crocodile.

Our visit has been timed with the town's premier event - the Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo. With VIP entry, we get to watch our fill of bull riding, bronc riding and steer wrestling, while being plied with lunch, drinks and nibbles. At dusk, don your Vis Vest and hard hat for dinner 20 metres below the surface where you’ll experience a little of Mt Isa’s long mining history.

Thursday Island

Day 6: Monday 13 August

Today, we leave the mainland for Horn Island in the Torres Strait. In World War II, the island was the second most-attacked location in Australia after Darwin. More than 5,000 American and Australian soldiers were stationed here. And though not recognised by the census then, 880 Torres Strait Islanders also volunteered for service, the highest rate of enlistment for any community in Australia. Hear more stories like this and visit aircraft wrecks, trenches, command posts and the war memorial on the 'In Their Steps' tour this morning.

We stop for lunch at the Gateway hotel, before boarding the ferry to neighbouring Thursday Island. The Green Hill Fort, constructed in the 1890s, draws our attention. As a British Colony, Australia feared attack during times when Britain was at war with other naval powers. Intelligence uncovered a Russian plan to raid Australian ports several years earlier, and so the fort was built to defend against potential future occurrences. Later, we check in to Jardine Motel for two nights.

Cape York and Friday Island

Day 7: Tuesday 14 August

This corner of Far North Queensland has much to offer. Spend your day on one of these Your World experiences.

  • Take a ferry across the amazing turquoise strait back to Seisia Wharf on the Australian mainland. Make sure to look into the water just off the pier - you might spot a crocodile. White sandy beaches stretch on either side of the port. We take a walk to soak in their tropical splendour, avoiding the water, of course. 4WD vehicles then pick us up for an offroad adventure to The Tip, the northernmost point of mainland Australia, where we are greeted by a deep emerald sea and the islands of York and Eborac offshore.
  • If it's more island life you're after, head to tiny Friday Island, home to little over ten people, including Kazuyoshi Takami, one of Queensland's last pearl farmers. From the rustic jetty, we head to the charming collection of timber shacks that make up the farm. The owner himself describes the fascinating process of cultivating pearls before serving us a stunning sushi and sashimi lunch which includes the rare, expensive and delicious pearl meat.

We return to Thursday Island this afternoon and meet for dinner in our hotel, where we exchange stories of our day.

Cooktown and Longreach

Day 8: Wednesday 15 August

In 1770, after leaving Botany Bay, James Cook's ship, the Endeavour, was damaged on the Great Barrier Reef. He and his crew spent seven weeks in Cooktown, making repairs and restocking supplies. This morning, we rejoin our jet on Horn Island and fly to Cooktown. We visit the exact site where the Endeavour anchored, as well as the James Cook Museum, which records his time here, with emphasis on his interaction with the local Guugu Yimithirr people. After a walking tour of the town's heritage buildings, we depart for Longreach.

On arrival, we check in to the Albert Park Motor Inn and spend the late afternoon relaxing. Tonight, we board a historic paddle steamer on the Thomson River for a sunset cruise and drinks. Back on shore, we dine al fresco, on a drover's dinner, while storytellers entertain us with tales of bushrangers.


Day 9: Thursday 16 August

Our first stop is the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame, which pays tribute to the hardy men and women who settled the outback. Five themed galleries illustrate the trials and tribulations of explorers, stock workers, pastoralists and indigenous Australians who dared make the unforgiving land home. After lunch, delve into the history of our flag carrier at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum, located in one of the very first hangars the airline used. The aviation enthusiasts amongst us will appreciate the museum's collection, including Qantas' first jet, a Boeing 707, and full-scale replicas of their earliest planes - a de Havilland Giant Moth, a de Havilland DH-50 and an Avro 504K Dyak. The evening comes to a high point with an exclusive, private dinner in the museum, alongside these landmark aircraft.


Day 10: Friday 17 August

This morning, we leave Longreach for the charms of Winton. Our first stop is the Waltzing Matilda Centre, newly rebuilt after a tragic fire in 2015. Through light-and-sound shows and interpretive displays, we go on an in-depth exploration of the song which embodies the Australian spirit. The centre also incorporates the Qantilda Pioneer Place Museum, which celebrates the town's founders. And at the Outback Regional Gallery, we take in works by the region's most interesting artists. That afternoon, we visit the Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum and percussionist Graeme Leak's Musical Fence, an extraordinary outdoor instrument. We stop in at the 70-metre long Great Wall of Arno, built of discarded items by the eccentric Arno Grotjahn.

Winton was once part of a vast inland sea which silted up, preserving the bones of dinosaurs in its sediment perfectly. A wealth of these fossils are now on show at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum, set picturesquely on top of a mesa. After touring its exhibits, we gaze out over the plains as the sun goes down then indulge in a private barbecue dinner under the stars. The Boulder Opal Motor Inn welcomes us for the night.


Day 11: Saturday 18 August

We have discovered the stories behind the legends, gained newfound admiration for our undeniably resilient frontier forgers and seen a glimpse of our country as it stood millions of years ago. As our private jet returns us to Sydney, contemplate your favourite moments of the journey.

Outback Cattlemen

Everything has been Considered & Included

There are no hidden costs. Everything is included - flights on your private jet and other travel arrangements, accommodation, travel insurance, all dining and drinks, every sightseeing trip. Even the extraordinary Your World experiences within your itinerary. And internet access when available.

There are no hidden costs. Everything is included - flights on your private jet and other travel arrangements, accommodation, travel insurance, all dining and drinks, every sightseeing trip. Even the extraordinary Your World experiences within your itinerary. And internet access when available.

Meal from Paul Froggatt, Huka Lodge

Homes away from home

Captain’s Choice takes you far and wide, introducing you to destinations that are among our world’s most remote. In these out of the way places we will always secure you the best available accommodation. While these are not five star, they will be clean, comfortable and representative of the region.

Wilpena Pound Resort, Wilpena
Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound Resort

Built on the banks of Wilpena Creek, the resort blends perfectly into the rugged surroundings. Gum trees shade the grounds, on which kangaroos laze. We will be staying in Heysen and Edeowie rooms. These can accommodate four to six, but since there will only be two of us in each room, there is plenty of space in which to relax after a long day of exploration.

King Spa Suite, RedEarth Hotel, Mt Isa
Mt Isa

Redearth Hotel

This hotel was a major player in the town's colourful history. When it opened at 2pm on Friday, 16th of November 1951, it was called Boyd's Hotel. By 5pm, it was inundated by miners and by 7pm, the beer had run out. Between April and October 1953, 456 arrests were made, a third of which began with an evening at Boyd's. Today, citizens are a whole lot more restrained, and the hotel has been refurbished into luxurious boutique accommodation.

Legends Of The Outback

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Captain’s Choice takes you far and wide, introducing you to destinations that are among our world’s most remote. In these out of the way places we will always secure you the best available accommodation. While these are not five star, they will be clean, comfortable and representative of the region.

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