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  • On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, with Table Mountain rising overhead, the Cape Grace Hotel spoils you with stunning views and contagious Cape hospitality.
  • Enjoy dinner amongst the hallowed vines of the Constantia Valley
  • On a private flight, fly over the sand dunes of Sossusvlei and the windswept, wave-battered beaches of the Skeleton Coast
  • Admire the wildlife of Walvis Bay during a cruise accompanied by sparkling wine and oysters
  • Set out into the Namib Desert to view the oasis area known as the Arch Lagoon
  • Step ashore to explore the world’s third-largest Portuguese speaking city, Luanda
  • Cruise deep into the South Atlantic Ocean to reach remote St Helena and Ascension Island
Pink Flamingos, Africa

I have recommended this tour to several friends and associates. We have the happiest of memories and wish your company continued success.

J & R Sunderland, Roof of Europe

Where we visit

Please note: on this expedition cruise, all landings will require guests to board the ship’s Zodiacs, subject to weather conditions. Due to the spontaneous nature of a Silversea Expeditions cruise with Captain’s Choice, this itinerary should be considered a guide only. This tour requires a moderate degree of physical fitness.

West Africa Silversea cruise map

Full Itinerary

Depart Australia

Day 1: Sunday 18 March

Surroundings don’t get much stranger than along the Skeleton Coast and on the remote islands of the Atlantic.

We depart Australia aboard an Emirates flight via Dubai to Cape Town. 

Arrive Cape Town (South Africa)

Day 2: Monday 19 March

Under the watchful gaze of Table Mountain, the Cape Grace Hotel welcomes us with open arms for two nights. The cool breeze rolls in from the Atlantic at the city’s landmark property on the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

We come together this evening at our hotel’s Signal Restaurant, where seasonal creations celebrate the rich culture of Cape Town.

Cape Grace Hotel, South Africa
Cape Grace, South Africa

Cape Town

Day 3: Tuesday 20 March

As the sun rises to a new day in Cape Town we enjoy a gentle trip up Table Mountain. The city’s iconic flat-top peak presents stunning vistas of city and sea. Below, we can see Robben Island on the horizon.

After descending back to the fertile hills below, enjoy a free afternoon along the bustling Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Or, join today’s Your World experience.

  • Drop in on the renowned Cape Winelands. Stopping at the wine hub of Stellenbosch we enjoy lunch at Delaire. Vineyards fringe the foot of Botmaskop Mountain, a stunning backdrop to our meal.

Tonight’s dinner takes place amid the hallowed vines of the Constantia Valley - the birthplace of South African viticulture. With a total of just 11 lush vineyards, the country’s oldest wine region is also the smallest. A perfect example of quality over quantity. Here, the Mediterranean climate and cool sea breezes are ideal for whites like sauvignon blanc and sweeter varieties such as muscat.

Cape Town

Day 4: Wednesday 21 March

Embark Ship

We hear tales of exile and learn about the imprisonment of Nobel laureate and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela as we explore Robben Island. An insightful yet sobering tour reveals life on the infamous prison island.

Our journey along the fabled west coast of Africa takes place aboard Silver Cloud. We step aboard this afternoon and enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand.

At Sea

Day 5: Thursday 22 March

The day is yours to relax. Yield to the leisurely pace of life as our ship edges north.

Tonight we meet our Captain, his senior officers and dutiful crew, during a Welcome Reception. 

Luderitz, Kolmanskop (Namibia)

Day 6: Friday 23 March

We make landfall in Namibia amongst the German art nouveau buildings of Luderitz. Wedged between the South Atlantic and the desolate Namib Desert, it all seems
a little out of place.

In 1908, while toiling away in the hopelessly bleak landscape, German railway worker Zacharias Lewala chanced upon an unusual looking rock sitting atop the desert sand. Within weeks, hundreds had flocked to this inhospitable region, where it is said precious diamonds could be found glistening in the moonlight. A haunting relic of this diamond mining boom, the ghost town of Kolmanskop beckons us inland. Devoured by unrelenting sands, it’s hard to imagine this once prosperous town with a glitzy casino and a pool.

Before heading back to our ship, we stop to enjoy an oyster tasting and a glass of sparkling wine.

Kolmanskop, Diamond Mine, Namibia

Walvis Bay, Sossusvlei

Day 7: Saturday 24 March

Head for the town of Swakopmund and spend the day at leisure admiring the German colonial architecture. Or gain a unique perspective of Sossusvlei and its wandering red dunes on today’s Your World experience.

  • Space, silence and constantly shifting sands. Join a private flight over Sossusvlei’s desolate landscape, soaring over sand dunes and the rusty wreck of the Eduard Bohlen cargo ship on the Skeleton Coast. We land within Namib-Naukluft National Park and travel through lunar-like terrain to visit a desert community. 
Namibia Desert, Namibia

Walvis Bay

Day 8: Sunday 25 March

Today begins with a cruise on Walvis Bay. Seeking out a sheltered lagoon, well-known only by local fishermen, we cast off. Flamingos and pelicans compete for our attention. Heavinside’s and bottlenose dolphins follow in our wake. As we enjoy a feast of fresh local oysters and sparkling wine, we look for inquisitive leatherback turtles and shimmering sunfish. 

At Sea

Day 9: Monday 26 March

Head to the observation deck with the onboard ornithologist and a pair of binoculars as we sail further north along the African coast. Spotting splendid sea birds as they glide on the ocean breeze becomes the highlight of a gentle day at sea.

Namibe (Angola)

Day 10: Tuesday 27 March

From the sheltered harbour on the edge of the Namib Desert, we set out to discover the ‘Lost Oasis’. Sandstone formations sculpted by nature’s hand mark a freshwater haven known as the Arch Lagoon. In the rainy season it becomes a mecca for birdlife. A cacophony of sound and colour.

In the afternoon we have time to see the baroque architecture of Namibe’s old city. Its old stadium and churches stand as remnants of its early Portuguese past.

Lobito, Benguela

Day 11: Wednesday 28 March

Out of Lobito we drive along the coast to Benguela. Today we explore this colourful maritime city, discerning the importance the now-abandoned fort of Sao Filipe played in the Portuguese expansion into sub-Saharan Africa. Visit the Nossa Senhora do Populo church and take a stroll to the heart of Benguela City. A certain nostalgia is evoked as we wander through the exquisitely manicured colonial gardens surrounding the courthouse and town hall.

On our way back to the ship, we stop to appreciate the unassuming rail bridge spanning the Catumbela River. Our guide divulges a link to none other than the company that built the Eiffel Tower. We pause to ponder how alien this land and its culture must have appeared to the Parisian engineers working here over a century ago.


Day 12: Thursday 29 March

Welcome to the world’s third-largest Portuguese speaking city, Luanda. First colonised in 1575 this vibrant settlement has since grown into a bustling metropolis of four million residents.

Here, we visit the fortress of San Miguel which played a pivotal role in the administration of the Portuguese African colonies and slave trade to Brazil.

Angola, Crabs, Africa

At Sea

Day 13-15: Friday 30 March - Sunday 1 April

It takes us three days to reach one of the planet’s truly remote locations. Although rarely visited, the island of St Helena boasts a rich and complex history. We sail some 1,000 nautical miles away from the west African coast into the South Atlantic Ocean, bound for this tiny speck of land. One of the only other ways in which to reach St Helena is aboard the RMS Saint Helena, a run-down Royal Mail ship. The voyage, however, is much slower than our own - around five-and-a-half days.

Silver Wind Restaurant

St Helena

Day 16-17: Monday 2 April - Tuesday 3 April

The second-oldest British overseas territory - which sits between South America and Africa - is a volcanic island of unimaginable beauty, completely unspoiled. The remoteness of St Helena led the British to choose the island as the place of exile for Napoleon Bonaparte after he escaped his first penitentiary on the Mediterranean island of Elba. We visit the windswept property of Longwood House, Napoleon’s home on St Helena until his death in 1821.

We also have the choice between two Your World experiences during our time here.

  • If you’re feeling decidedly energetic, climb the 699 steps of Jacob’s Ladder to be rewarded with stunning views across the island and far out to sea.
  • Take a tipple from the world’s most isolated distillery. Learn how White Lion spiced rum, Midnight Mist coffee liqueur, Jamestown gin and Tungi cactus pear spirit is produced.

At Sea

Day 18-19: Wednesday 4 April - Thursday 5 April

Over the next two days we sail towards the only island that rivals St Helena in its remoteness, Ascension. Very few ships transit these waters, so we consider ourselves fortunate to get the chance.

Ascension Island

Day 20: Friday 6 April

Adventure on a tiny volcanic outcrop stranded in the middle of the Atlantic. We arrive today at Ascension Island, home to 900 brave souls. The majority of the island’s population reside in Georgetown, and this is where our ship docks for the day.

It’s a rare experience to explore this unique locale on our own schedule. Wander through the town or head out along one of the scenic walking tracks. Green Mountain rises to 860 metres in the centre of the island. Majestic seabirds, seals, land crabs, and nesting green and hawksbill turtles can be seen along the shoreline ringed by black lava flows.

At Sea

Day 21-22: Saturday 7 April - Sunday 8 April

We sail north towards Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. A little over 1,000 nautical miles separates Ascension from the economic capital of the Ivory Coast, Abidjan.

Abidjan, Grand-Bassam (Ivory coast)

Day 23: Monday 9 April

Lodged between lagoons, waterways and unforgiving Atlantic swells, the surprisingly cosmopolitan city of Abidjan awaits. Stepping ashore we are greeted by the chief of the local Ebrie community and are treated to a Zaouli traditional dance. Our newfound friends disclose how the local delicacy Attieke is made from the ubiquitous legume, cassava.

Later we visit the World Heritage-listed French colonial city of Grand-Bassam for a sumptuous feast by the sea. There’s also time to peruse the market for souvenirs. 

Takoradi (Ghana)

Day 24: Tuesday 10 April

Today we arrive at Takoradi on Ghana’s Gold Coast where you can pick from two Your World experiences.

  • Discover the oldest European-built building south of the Sahara Desert, Elmina, and hear the chilling history of Ghana’s slave fortresses at Cape Coast Castle.
  • Head inland to Kakum National Park for the chance to encounter iconic African fauna such as forest elephants, monkeys, leopards, antelope, porcupine and tortoise.
Elmina Castle, Ghana, Africa

Tema, Accra

Day 25: Wednesday 11 April

Disembark Ship

Disembark Silver Cloud in Tema and drive through Ghana’s capital, Accra. See the country’s oldest university and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, dedicated to Ghana’s first president.

After lunch, we transfer to Accra’s Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, our home for the night. At tonight’s Farewell Dinner, it’s a joy to reminisce with fellow travellers over our holiday highlights.

Depart Accra

Day 26: Thursday 12 April

After a free morning, we depart Accra on an Emirates flight homeward bound this afternoon. Travel via Dubai on our way to Australia.


Day 27: Friday 13 April

Arrive Australia

Day 28: Saturday 14 April

Upon landing this morning, goodbyes are said and home awaits. We hope to see you again on your next Captain’s Choice adventure.

Everything has been Considered & Included

Reaching the world’s frontiers is no easy feat. And let’s face it, adventure and roughing it is so last century. That’s why all the legwork has been done for you; everything mundane sits behind the scenes. We’ve searched the seven seas for the finest expedition ships to usher you to the edges of the planet, where you’ll never have to carry a map. Or your luggage. You’ll certainly never have to find small change for tips.

Travel without the hassles

Everything is included – international flights to and from Australia, your Silversea cruise, luxurious accommodation, all dining and drinks, travel insurance and every sightseeing trip including Your World experiences. Yes, even taxes and transfers.

Our Luggage Valet service is also included. Simply pack your bags (or ask your butler to pack them for you) and leave them in your suite. We pick them up and make sure that they arrive safely at your next hotel. We also provide home-to-airport-to-home transfers. And just in case, a doctor travels with us too.

As you’d expect, Silversea expedition vessels include plenty of luxe touches beneath their tough exteriors. You’d be right in thinking the food and wine offering is pretty special. A fully stocked in-suite mini-bar, plush bed linen and a choice of mattress comes as standard. While a snug parka for polar expeditions, Wi-Fi and an included laundry service is all part of the package.

We go even further to include exclusive travel and touring arrangements prior to your cruise – and often at it's conclusion too.

With Captain’s Choice, there are no hidden costs, or optional extras. Because that would be breaking our promise of travel without the hassles.

Silversea Cruises

Your World Experiences

Making landfall in a new and exciting destination is one thing. But getting under its skin to see its true colours is something altogether different – something very few of us will ever experience. Which is why we’ve curated an exclusive collection of included experiences called Your World. It’s your invitation to take part in rare and amazing events other travellers could only ever dare dream of.

Though you may have visited a destination previously, a Your World experience is likely to surprise you with an aspect of the location you’ve never considered before.

It's not what you know

Your World Hosts are made up of a Tour Manager, Tour Hosts and a doctor, who will accompany you from the moment you leave Australia until your return home. Additionally, English-speaking local guides join you in many locations. Aboard your cruise, a dedicated Silversea Expedition Team will escort all excursions, while onboard experts give immersive talks about the regions you visit and niche topics that may spark your interest.

A place to call home

Away from your fine ship, Captain’s Choice has chosen only the very best purveyors of hospitality each destination has to offer. Residences are benchmarks of luxury, usually in a central location. More often than not, they have a history to tell. You might find yourself, on one night, in a magnificent castle turned luxury hotel, standing proudly on its own island. The next, tucked away in a private residence favoured by royals and dignitaries alike.

Local Flavours

Every meal is a chance to discover something new and delicious. When you’re not on board your ship, you’ll often be dining among locals, where the ambience, as much as the flavours, makes meals memorable. And on special nights, you can expect gala dinners at spectacular locations closed off exclusively for us. There’s not a boring meal to be found.

Silver Cloud Expedition Cruising Silversea

Where Adventure & Luxury Meet

In a class all of their own, Silversea’s purpose-built expedition ships make far-flung regions accessible. Your days sweep between two very different worlds: the refinement of your vessel, and destinations where human footprints are scarce. A strong espresso and croissant delivered to your suite before landing on a remote island. Champagne or a nip of scotch out on deck after returning from a Zodiac expedition. Unadulterated indulgences and the rush of adventure – it’s all part of life aboard a Silversea expedition cruise.

After unpacking once – or letting your butler do it for you – your suite will become a delightful haven for the duration of the voyage. And with almost one staff member to every guest, the standard of personalised service goes beyond all expectation.

Wild at Heart

You won’t just be watching coastlines through binoculars from the deck. Our ships and Zodiacs put you on that coast, smack-bang in the middle of the wilderness with an experienced Expedition Team at the helm. You’ll set out on gentle hikes, learn about the land from locals and follow wildlife along remote shores. Thanks to the flexible nature of our itineraries, we’re always at liberty to change course or linger awhile longer. And most importantly, you can always set your own pace depending on how active you’re feeling. Sightseeing opportunities are as boundless as our new horizons.

Silver Cloud

Welcome aboard the most spacious and luxurious ice-class vessel of its kind, Silver Cloud. An extensive refurbishment will see the ship move to Silversea’s expedition fleet in 2017, bound for polar waters thanks to its newly ice-strengthened hull. The multi-million dollar vision blends the raw beauty of remote destinations with luxuries you’d expect to find at the world’s greatest hotels. It now presents five gourmet dining options, expansive decks and a swimming pool. Most suites include a veranda, and all benefit from the services of a butler.

Vista Suite Silver Cloud
Vista Suite

Vista Suite

Large picture windows frame panoramic views, the perfect backdrop for breakfast in bed. Vista Suites feature a sitting area and a marbled bathroom with a shower (some with bath/shower combination).

West Africa Explorer

aboard Silver Cloud
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